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Welcome to the Cotabato City Citizen’s Charter, a guidebook of essential and vital city government services.

The Citizens Charter is a tool developed by the City Government to empower its citizenry by promoting transparency and accountability in service delivery.  It is designed to promote good governance by operationalizing:

·    accountability of public officials

·    participatory process as an access in promoting development

·    legal frameworks for fair and consistent application and

·    transparency – availability of information to the general public

The guidebook describes the essential and vital services of the City Government, written for the benefits of its customers.  Its strength lies in the way the services are presented: the step-by-step procedure for availing each service, the response time for its delivery, and the city hall officers and staff responsible for the service.

These information are complemented by a list of requirements a customer must comply to facilitate service delivery, the process or processes of documents or services and the location of the offices handling the services.

With this guidebook, the delivery of the essential and vital services of the City Government will enhance service quality, induce transparency and accountability making the end-users the medium in achieving service excellence.


Effective use of the Guidebook will easily provide direction to clients or end-users thus achieving desired result with very limited time and lesser effort.

The Table of Contents presents the services according to scheme.

·    Point of Reference.

To provide geographical location and directions to clients.

Ř the People’s Palace, Sinsuat Avenue

Ř the Sangguniang Panlungsod, S.K. Pendatun Ave.

Ř the City Civil Registry Office, S.K. Pendatun Ave.

Ř the Office on Health Services, Sta. Barbara St.

Ř the City Engineering Office Motor Pool Division, Sta. Barbara St.

Ř the Office on General Services Solid Waste Management Division, Sta. Barbara St.

Ř the Mega Market, Lutgarda Blanco St.

Ř the City Arcade, S.K. Pendatun Avenue

Ř the City Slaughterhouse, Austria St. Pansacala  


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To make Cotabatenos enjoy equal rights and access to quality and basic social services thru continuous improvement and innovation.





Cotabato City: A peaceful, secured and highly developed multi-cultural community in Central Mindanao.





:)       public interest above personal gain

:)       transparency and accountability in all transactions

:)       strive service excellence

:)       seek best value from the use of government resources

:)      encourage participatory governance as a tool against complacency, mediocrity and stagnation

:)       generate synergy thru partnership with the private sector, civil society, and the international community to better address the needs of our people

:)       equally elevate competence in serving our people better

:)       strive for excellence in all we do driven by the strength of growth


We, the officials and employees of the City Government commit to serve you promptly, efficiently, and with utmost courtesy.  Ensure strict compliance with service standards in our frontlines services.

If in serving your needs, our best is not enough, please let us know by doing any of the following:

Ř Accomplish the Feedback Form available in all offices or in the Public Assistance and Complaint Desk and put in the drop box located in the People’s Palace lobby.

Ř Send your feedback through our e-mail ( or directly to the concern offices.


If you are not  satisfied with our service, your written/verbal complaints shall immediately be attended to by the Officer of the Day at the Public Assistance and Complaint Desk.





My felicitations to all who are behind the successful crafting of the Citizen’s Charter of the City Government of Cotabato!

Aside from being an upbeat response to the requirements of the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA), the Charter is indeed “a compass in a map” for every Cotabateńo who would undertake any official transaction with the city government.

In particular, the Citizen’s Charter provides our clients with wide array of useful information including, among others, its general mandate to the city constituency, available programs and services it provides, the respective offices responsible for the provision of such activities, and the systems of getting access to them.

As such, the Charter serves both as a general manual of operation for the city government officials and employees as well as “manual of instructions” for city residents and visitors alike who shall be on official business with the city government.

Kudos to you all!



                                                          MUSLIMIN G. SEMA

                                                                    City Mayor