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Human Resource Management



The Human Resource Management Division under the Office of the City Mayor is responsible in the  implementation  of the personnel program  and development of the City Government of Cotabato and under the general supervision of the City Mayor shall :

1.      Formulate programs for a continuing career and personnel development at all levels that shall create an environment  conducive to the development of personnel skills, talents and values for better public service.

2.       Prepare a career and personnel development plan such as merit promotions, performance evaluation , training, incentive award systems and other human resource related services.

3.      To coordinate and supervise the implementation of various laws,  rules, regulations and policy issuance made by competent authorities.   <top>


1.     To coordinate directly with other  departments regarding personnel management and development;

2.     To conduct personnel evaluation and job performance  audit and recommend  action for improvement;

3.     To submit periodic  reports to Civil Service Commission (CSC) and other National Government Agencies (NGA’s) regarding personnel actions;

4.     Undertake personnel recruitment  and screening process in accordance with the set CSC and Local Government Units (LGU’s) rules and guidelines.  <top>


Generally, the HRMD has formulated this Service Pledge with the following objectives:

1.     To institutionalize a mechanism for satisfying clients’ expectations of the Human Resource Management Division;

2.     To put in place written commitments to specific standards that HRMD shall pledge to fulfill in the delivery of their services;

3.     To enhance productivity and sustain a culture of continuous improvement of services in the city government of Cotabato.

The HRMD – Office of the City Mayor declare to commit the performance and behavior in the delivery of services that employees in the city government and other clients  can expect. The herein standards aims to  respond to the common expectations or requirements of the particular clients served by HRMD, taking into account the employees and staff  capacity to fulfill the pledges corresponding to the standards identified.  The pledge shall pertain to the services of HRMD core functions.

Generally, the standards contained in the service pledge refer to quality characteristics of reliability, practicality, safety and delivery time but may also include courteous service and ethical conduct.

The service pertains to the core function or priority program of the Human Resource Management Division. <top>


The City Government of Cotabato designed a personnel program to guide by the management and the employees.  It defines the objectives, policies, procedures and means in carrying out the varied personnel functions.  It is aimed to enhance human resources valued for optimum and effective investment in the attainment of the local and national developmental goals.  To obtain effective and efficient utilization of human resources, a desired personnel programs and policies are designed.   <top>

A. Acquiring Competent Employees


The opportunity for employment to the City Government of Cotabato is open to all qualified citizens, and residents of Cotabato City, that fits with the qualification standard expressing the minimum requirements for class of position in terms of education, training and experiences, eligibilities, physical fitness and other qualities desirable, (Section 1, Rule II, Book V, E.O. 292).


The Personnel Officer design a method where all application papers are thoroughly examined and data are tabulated.  The Personnel Selection Board was created pursuant to Executive Order No. 05 s. 1992 who shall screen applicants and will recommend from among the rooster to the appointing Authority who is the Chief Executive or the City Mayor, based on their fitness to perform the duties and assume the responsibilities of the position.

When vacancy occurs in a position in the City Government of Cotabato, each of the aspirants and candidates shall be screened and evaluated by the Selection Board.  The Board shall screen, include test of fitness, in accordance with the standards and guidelines set by the Civil Service Commission.


When vacancy occurs in a position in the first level of the Career Service, the employees in the department who occupy the next lower position in the occupational group under which the vacant position is classified, and in other functionally related occupational groups and who are competent, qualified and with appropriate civil service eligibility shall be considered for promotion.  Likewise, when vacancy occurs in a position in the second level of the Career Service, the employees who occupy the next lower positions in the occupational groups and who are competent, qualified and with appropriate civil service eligibility shall be considered for promotion.  If the vacancy is not filled by promotion, the same shall be filled by transfer of employees in the government service, by reinstatement, by re-employment of persons separated through reduction in force, or by appointment of persons with the civil service eligibility appropriate to the position.  [Sec. (2), (3), (4), (5), (6); Chapter 5, Book V, E.O. 2921]

Vacant position shall be published in accordance to R.A. 7043 and MC No. 5, s. 1992.


When candidate passed all the basic requirements for the position, according to merit and fitness, he/she is required to submit the following requirements, in addition to those required by the Civil Service Commission, pursuant to Sec. 5 Rule 2, Book V, E.O. 292, to wit:

1. Medical Certificate

2. Local Police Clearance

3. City Prosecutor's Clearance

4. Municipal Trial Courts n Cities Clearance

5. Barangay Clearance

6. City Mayor's Clearance   <top>

B.  Holding Competent Employees

1. Any action denoting the movement or progress of personnel is called personnel action.


All appointments in the career service shall be made only in accordance to merit and fitness.  In the selection of personnel in the City Government of Cotabato the Local Chief Executive who is the appointing authority is guided by the CSC Laws and Rules, Rule V, E.O. 292.  Appointment of personnel is vested upon the Local Chief Executive in all offices of the City Government of Cotabato while the appointment of personnel in the Tanggapan gn Sangguiang Panlungsod is vested with the City Vice Mayor.  As such, all applicants who met the qualification standards prescribed to the position shall be appointed to a permanent status.


A promotion is a movement from one position to another with an increase in duties and responsibilities as authorized by law and usually accompanied by an increase in pay.  The movement may be from one department or agency to another., or from one organizational unit to another in the same department of agency.  (Rule Vi, Book V, E.O. 292).


A movement from one position to another position of equivalent rank and level of salary, without involving a break in service in the issuance of appointment (Sec. 5, Rule VII, Book V, E.O. 292).


The movement of an employee from one department or agency to another, which is temporary in nature; which does not involve a reduction in rank, status, or salary and which does not require the issuance of an appointment. (Sec. 5, Rule VII, Book V, E.O. 292)


The reappointment of a person who has been previously appointed in the career service and who has, through no delinquency or misconduct, been separated who has been exonerated of administrative charges. (Sec. 6, Rule VII, Book V, E.O. 292).


The reappointment of a person who has been previously appointed to a position in the career service but who has been separated as a result of reduction in force, reorganization and/or voluntary resignation.  (Sec. 7, Rule VIi, Book V, E.O. 292)


The movement of an employee from one organizational unit to another in the same department or agency which does not involve a reduction in rank, status or salary and which does not require the issuance of an appointment. (Sec. 10, Rule VII, Book V, E.O. 292)


The movement from one position to another involving the issuance of an appointment with diminution in duties, responsibilities, status or rank, which may or may not involve reduction in salary.  (Sec. 121, Rule VII, Book V, E.O. 292)


A movement of an employee from one department or agency to another, which is temporary in nature, and which may or may not require the issuance of an appointment but may either involve reduction or increase in compensation (Sec. 9, Rule VII, Book V, E.O. 292)

2.         Types of Appointment

Appointment of employees in the City Government of Cotabato shall either be permanent, temporary or co-terminous.


This is issued to a person who meets all the requirements for the position to which he/she is being appointed/promoted including the appropriate eligibility prescribed.  (Sec. 13, (a), Rule V, Book V, E.O. 292)


A temporary appointment shall be issued to a person who meets all the requirements for the position to which he/she is being appointed, except the appropriate civil service eligibility.  Such appointment, however, shall not exceed twelve months, and the appointee may be replaced sooner if a qualified civil service eligible becomes available.  (Sec. 13, (b), Rule V, Book V, E.O. 292).


An appointment issued to the person whose entrance and continuity in the service is based on the trust and confidence of the appointing authority or that which is subject to his/her discretion, or co-existent with his tenure, or limited by the duration of the project or subject to the availability of funds.  (Sec. 14, Rule V, Book V, E.O. 292)

Employees of the City Government of Cotabato who excel in performance are given due recognition in form of awards and some other benefits.  To hold competent employees benefits and some privileges are granted to all employees.

Selection/Promotion Board

To ensure objectivity in selection and promotion of City Government employees a Selection/Promotion Board is created to evaluate competent and qualified employees.

Suggestions and Incentive Awards Committee

Executive Order No. 12, s. 1992 of the City mayor, established the Employee Suggestion and Incentive Award System and created the Suggestions and Incentive Award Committee (SIAC) in conformity with Rule X of the rules implementing Book V of Executive Order 3292.  It's function is to determine the positions and the salaries, wages, allowances and other emoluments and benefits of officials and employees paid wholly or mainly from the city funds.

Working Hours

The Policy on working hours for City Officials and employees are stipulated in the Executive Order No. 20 issued November 11, 1991, in conformity with, the Civil Service rules and the Executive Orders of the President.  All employees of whatever grade or class are required to render not less than eight hours a day, for five days a week or a total of forty hours a week, exclusive of time for lunch.

It is the duty of each head of department or agency to require all officials and employees under him to observe the prescribe office hours.  (Rule XVII, Book V, E.O. 292)

a. Flexible Working Hours - City Government Employees are authorized to adopt flexible working hours of "flexi-time" subject to the approval of immediate supervisor. (Sec. 6, Rule XVII, Book V, E.O. 292)

Office Attire

The City Government of Cotabato provides a special allowance for office uniforms.  The style of the uniform are agreed upon by the employees.  It imposes the Dress Code prescribe for all government employees, MC No. 14 s. 1991.  All the personnel of the City Government are required to wear their Personnel Identification Card pursuant to Office Order No. 89-08.   <top> 

C. Training and Development

The development and retention of a competent and efficient work force in the public service is the primary concern of the City Government of Cotabato, hence a continuing program of career and personnel development was established for all employees at all levels and shall create an environment or work climate conducive to the development of personnel skills, talents and values for better public service.  (Rule VIII, Book V. E.O. 292)

A continuing program for the development of personnel in the City Government of Cotabato is established, such programs include:

a. Induction Program - all new entrants to the City Government of Cotabato are trained.  New employees are introduced to the structure and functions of the office and its role in the development of Cotabato City as well as to conditions of employment in addition to the actual on-the-job instruction of the supervisor.

b. Reorientation Program - courses designed to introduce new duties and responsibilities, new policies and programs to employees who have been in the service for quite sometime.

c. Professional/Technical/Scientific Programs - substantive programs in specific professional/technical scientific areas for enhancement of skills and knowledge of second level personnel in the career service.

d. Employee Development Program - refers to the courses aimed at maintaining a high level of competence on basic workplace skills among employees in the career service.

e. Middle management Development Program - refers to the set or series of planned human resource interventions and training courses designed to provide division chiefs and other officials of comparable rank with management and administrative skills and to prepare them for greater responsibilities.

f. Values Development Program - refers to courses which are designed to enhance and harness the public service values of participants to be effective City Government employees.

g. Executive Development Program - refers to activities and experiences, and continuing education intended to enhance the managerial skills of local government officials or executives.

Aforementioned training programs sponsored either by the City Government of Cotabato which are included in the annual training development program and/or sponsored by other accredited training institutions or by the Civil Service Commission.

Employees with permanent appointment shall be given preference in the selection and nomination of candidates for training.

In addition, it is the policy of the City Government to provide widest possible opportunity to qualified officers and employees to avail of scholarship, observation, tours and other similar activities whether sponsored by other offices or by their respective offices in order to raise the level of their efficiency and to improve the quality of their services to the public.  <top>

D. Performance Evaluation

There shall be established performance evaluation system which shall be administered in accordance with rules and regulations and standards promulgated by the Civil Service Commission.  Such performance evaluation system shall be administered in such manner as to continually foster the improvement of individual employees efficiency and organizational effectiveness. (Rule IX, Book V, E.O. 292)

The City Government of Cotabato adopts the performance appraisal system of the Civil Service Commission under (M.C. No. 12, s. 1993)   <top>

E.  Compensation Management

It is a declared policy of the national government to provide equal pay for substantially equal work and to base difference in pay upon substantial differences in duties and responsibilities and qualification requirements of the position.  The provision of position classification and compensation is administered by the Department of Budget and Management with the Office of the Compensation Position Classification.

Allowable travel expenses which cover actual and necessary expenses for transportation, essential baggage subsistence and lodging while en route are also given to employees.  It also allows the payment of per diem and daily allowances and representation expenses. (CSC Employee Handbook, Sept., 1989)   <top>

F.  Personnel Relations

Employees welfare, every head of agency shall take all proper steps toward the creation of an atmosphere conducive to good employee-supervisor relations and the improvement of employee's morale.  For this purpose the office shall make provisions for employee's welfare, counseling and recreation and similar services.(Chapter 6, Book V, E.O. 292)

Employee Organization

The City Government of Cotabato encourages employees to join organization of employees.  As a mechanism to promote harmonious relationship between rank and file and management (Sec. 8, Article III of Bill of Rights; Sec. 2(5), Article IX-B on Constitutional Commission).  There are two employees organizations existing in the City Government of Cotabato:

a.  City Government Employees Association (CGEA) - organized and registered as an organization.

b.  City Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative Inc. (CEMPUC) - an organization organized by city employees who voluntarily joined to pool their resources together to form a business enterprise which they themselves, own, manage, control and patronize.   <top>

G. Personnel Discipline

The City Government of Cotabato from designed rules, policies, standards and procedures intended to regulate the conduct of employees based on accepted norms of efficiency, integrity and morality.  While the City Government emphasizes the positive aspects of discipline and rewards those who contribute significantly to the attainment of its objectives and goals, it also weeds out the undesirables.

Consistent with the provisions of the Civil Service Commission, the City Government of Cotabato adopts the laws, rules and provisions promulgated appurtenant to Republic Act 6713, Code of conduct and Ethical Standards and Chapter 7, Book V, E.O. 292)<top>

H. Employees Welfare and Benefits Program

The City Government of Cotabato designed employees welfare and benefits program, in accordance to CSC, DBM and other laws and rules.  Among the benefits and related welfare benefits are the following, in addition to other benefits that the city can afford.

Leave Benefits

Leave benefits enable employees to rest and to recuperate, to regain vigor and energy.  In general, officers and employees of the government, whether permanent or temporary, who render work during prescribed office hours shall, after six months of continuous, faithful and satifactory service, be entitled to 15 days vacation and 15 days sick leave with full pay, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.  This is without limitation as to the number of days of vacation and sick leave that they may accumulate. (Sec. 22, Rule XVI, Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of E.O. 292)

Officers and employees n the City Government of Cotabato are entitled to leave of absence with or without pay, as may be provided by law and the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission.  (Rule XVI, Book V, E.O. 292)

Kinds of Leave

a.    Vacation Leave

All officials and employees shall be required to go on vacation leave for a minimum of five (5) working days annually which is not be successive.  The mandatory annual five-day vacation leave shall be forfeited if not consumed/availed during the year.

b.    Sick Leave

Sick leave shall be granted only on account of sickness or disability on the part of employees concerned or any member of his immediate family.  Application for sick leave in excess for five days shall be accompanied by a proper medical certificate.

Tardiness and under time are deducted from vacation leave credits and shall not be charged against sick leave credits, unless the under time is for health reasons supported by medical certificate and application for leave.

All absences of an officer or employee in excess of the vacation or sick leave earned shall be considered without pay.

c.    Maternity Leave

Married women in the government service who have renderd two (2) years or more of continuous service shall, in addition to the vacation and sick leave granted them, be entitled to commutation of maternity leave of sixty (60) days.  For those who have rendered less than two (2) years of government service at the time of enjoyment of maternity leave, the computation of their maternity leave with pay shall be proportionate to their length of service.

Application for vacation leave of absence for one full day or more shall be submitted on the prescribed form for action by the concerned chief of office.<top>

GSIS Benefits

Government employees on a permanent status are covered by the Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS) on a compulsory basis.  It's purpose is to provide protection to the member and his beneficiaries against certain contingencies such as retirement, disability, or death, and to extend privileges in terms of salary, policy, calamity and housing loans.

The employee contributes to the system about 8.5% of monthly basic salary (MBS) for life and retirement premiums while the City Government of Cotabato contributes under the employee's name a counterpart of 9.5%.

In exchange of the contribution made with the GSIS, the employee is given several benefits:

Compulsory Life Insurance - covers maturity, death, accidental death, burial, cash surrender value, dividends, and insurance loans.

Optional Life Insurance - in addition to compulsory life insurance, the employee may avail of the optional life insurance after submission of the health declaration forms or passing the required physical and medical examinations.  The amount of insurance is based on employee's dependents'.

Retirement Benefits - those who leave the government service because of having rendered the required number of years may receive benefits in recognition of their service in the government.

Medical Care Program (MEDICARE)

The Philippine Medical Care Commission administers the Medicare Program.  In this health insurance program the healthy subsidizes the sick.

All salaried government employees including those holding temporary, emergency or contractual appointments, including government retirees or those who had retired or separated but have opted to continue membership within six months from the date of separation by paying the employee's contributions plus the counterpart of the employer.

The members are automatically covered by this program including the legal dependents can avail of hospitalization, surgical and medical benefits.

Employee's Compensation Benefit

The Employees' Compensation Program (ECP) created under Presidential Decree No. 626 is a tax exempt compensation program for employees and their dependents.  It aims to help employees and their dependents, in the even of employment-connected injury, sickness, disability or death, to promptly receive meaningful and substantial income benefits, medical or related services and rehabilitation services.

Compensation is available for work-connected injury or sickness, disability or death of employees who are not over 60 years of age.  Those who are over 60 years of age and are paying continuation to qualify for the GSIS retirement of life insurance benefits are also covered by the program.  The employee does not contributed any amount to the ECP.  The City Government contributes to the program which is equivalent to one percent of the employee's monthly salary but not to exceed P30.00.

Compensation for injury, sickness, disability and death shall be in the following forms:  (a) cash income benefit for disability or death; (b) medical and/or related services for injury or sickness; and (c) rehabilitation services (in addition to monthly cash income benefit) in the case of permanent disability.

PAG-IBIG (Home Development Mutual Fund)

PAG-IBIG FUND is a provident savings fund and a housing credit system for wage earners.  It was conceived as a direct response to two interrelated pressing economic and social needs; savings and shelter.  As Pag-ibig member, an employee enjoys the following benefits:

a.  Provident Benefits - this includes double or triple savings, dividend earnings, portability of savings and government guaranteed savings.

b.  Short-Term Loan Program - this is in the form of a Multi-Purpose Loan benefits for members who have made at least 24 monthly contributions to the fund and have been contributing members upon loan application.  The amount of loan depends on the fund salary and the total number of monthly contributions.  This loan maybe renewed after payment of 12 monthly amortizations.  The loan interest is 10.75% per annum, deducted in advance for the first year.  The interest for the second year is spread and paid equally over a period of 24 months.

c.  Expanded Housing Loan Program - the primary purpose of the Fund is to promote home ownership through the establishment of an affordable and adequate housing credit system for its members.

d.  Withdrawal of Savings - a member shall be allowed to withdraw all his savings upon occurrence in any of these grounds: membership  maturity after a period of 20 years; retirement; permanent departure from the country; total disability or insanity; separation from the service by reason of health; and upon death.  In case of death, his beneficiaries get an additional death benefit aside from the usual return of contributions made by the employer and the employee and the dividend benefit every year.

Clothing Allowance

The provision of clothing allowance is an additional economic aid above and beyond the base pay of employees.  An annual clothing allowance for office uniform is available to permanent and temporary government employees, subject to availability of funds.

Year-End Benefits

The City Government provides for annual year-end Christmas bonus equivalent to one month basic salary and an additional cash gift of P1,000.00.  It covers all national government officials and employees, regardless of appointment status (regular, temporary, casual, or contractual) who have rendered at least four months of service within the period January 1 to October 31, in a given year, pursuant to R.A. No. 6686 as implemented by National Compensation Circular No. 54 both dated December 14, 1988.

Other Benefits

When finances allow the City Government, provides for additional allowances and other benefits, such as:

a. Personnel Service Benefit (PSB) - each official and employee shall be entitled to Personnel Service Benefit equivalent to 100% of their monthly basic salary.

b. Service Recognition Award - Officials and employees paid wholly or mainly from city funds whether on permanent, temporary, elective, co-terminus, casual or contractual status or combination thereof are entitled to the Service Recognition Award (SRA).<top>

I.  Separation

      There is a way out of the City Government of Cotabato.  The outgoing employee may have the option, to wit:

a. Voluntary Separation - it may be resignation optional retirement, filing of certificate of candidacy, or abandonment of office.

Resignation should be in writing.  Action is differed with administrative charge.  Optional retirement is granted if an employee had complied with the requirements as prescribed by law.  Abandonement if had failed to report back to buy after expirations of authorized leave of absence.  Should had failed to report for work for more than one month without accordingly informing the office, he is dropped from the rolls and effectively separated.

b.  Involuntary Separation - force to leave the service in the ground of:
  • compulsory retirement;
  • separation for disciplinary reason;
  • abolition of the office or the position;
  • reduction in force;
  • reorganization;