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A choice of cuisines to suit everyone!

Cotabato City offers an array of international and native cuisines/dishes to entice everyone’s appetite, including local Muslim chow. To those adventurous persona who wish to experience the unique taste of a local cuisine like natively cooked crabs and prawns and most especially the exotic and delicious “PIGEK “ popular among fish connoisseurs and other tasty native dishes.

All of these have a very distinctive and unique taste. For those who prefer more oriental delicacies, Cotabato has some of the finest Chinese restaurants that serve many favorite dishes. To add many choices of cuisines is an authentic Muslim and native restaurants offering such well known dishes that can be enjoyed in traditional and native ambiance.

Other restaurants also specializes with some international cuisines that includes Indonesian, Chinese, western cuisines, Thai, Italian and French foods. For fast food diners the City also offers the choice of many famous fast food outlets.



Contact No.


Cor. Macacua & SK Pendatun Ave.


Quezon Avenue


Don Rufino St

Las Hermanas

Sinsuat Ave.


Connie’s Videoke

Don Rufino St.

VIP Coffee Shop

Don Rufino St.

Chow King

Don Rufino St. At South Seas Mall

Mami King

R. Alonzo Ave. Pob. 6


Cafė Halina

Ramon Rabago Sr. St.


Sinsuat Ave.

Mang Gorio’s Kainan (2)

Sinsuat Ave./Don Rufino St.


Oriental Restaurant

R. Alonzo Ave., Pob. 6


Circuit Resto

Ramon Rabago Sr. St.


Happy King Restaurant

J. Lim, Sr. St., Pob. 6


Sinsuat Ave.


Don Rufino St., South Seas Mall

Casa Blanca

Sinsuat Ave.


Pritong Manok

SK Pendatun Ave.

Aling Precy

Sinsuat Ave.


El Manuel Convention Center

SK Pendatun Ave., Pob. 5



El Comedor Grill

Sinsuat Ave.


Isang Chiken Inasal

Sinsuat Ave.


Café Florencio

Sinsuat Ave.


Fiesta Cotabato

R. Rabago, RH Mother


Sardonyx Restaurant

Gov. Gutierrez Ave.

Biton Restaurant

Roales St.

Glamour Food Corner

Roman Vilo St.

La Marqueza

TV Juliano St., RH 12

Armando's Steakhouse

Sinsuat Avenue

C & D's Resto

Don R. Alonzo St.

Circuit Resto

Circuit Road


Two Gals Pizza Haus

Sinsuat Avenue

Hotel Filipino & Restaurant

Sinsuat Ave. cor. SK Pendatun

Cambingan at Vakahan

Sinsuat Avenue


Specialty Restaurants:

Barbecue-han sa Cotabato City
Bokyo's Inihaw (seafoods)
Talam Chicken Haus (chicken)
Kitoks Lechon Manok (chicken)
Mokamad Eatery (dalag)
Kusina Almonte (Bulalo, Pinapaitan, Dalag)

Catering Services :
Ping's Carenderia and Catering Services

Raff’s Garden
Biton Convention House and Catering Services
Lealshieldy Catering
D & M Catering Services
Glamour Catering Services
ADC catering Services
Cusi Gardens
Evies Gardenville
L.R. Sebastian Shrine and Garden