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History:  As early as 1475, a settlement near the mouth of Rio Grande de Mndanao was already a thriving trade center.  That settlement, the forerunner of Cotabato City, was the strategic gateway to the resource-rich hinterlands of Mindanao.  Thus, it was favored as the seat of political and economic power, the center where culture mix. Sultan Kudarat reigned during this time.  In the intervening years, growth was in trickles.  This was largely due to a stifling combination of constant warfare and nature's restlessness in this flood and earthquake-prone delta.  In 1871, 120 years ago, a strong earthquake visited the area and caused the levelling of almost all structures.

The settlement in Cotabato City became a pronounced phenomenon only some five years during the reign of Sultan Kudarat.  During that time, the city was the seat of power and it developed as the capital town of Mindanao in the 17th century.

In the nineteenth century when Sultan Kudarat ruled, roads and wharves were constructed which gave rise to the birth of modern day Cotabato.

Population:  Total Population: 163,849 (2000 Census)
HH Population:  31227 (Pop. Census 2000)
Average Household size:  5.17  (NSO, POPCEN 2000)

People:  Maguindanao, Iranon, Maranao, Tirurary, Visaya, Ilocano, Tagalog, Ilonggo, Chavacano

Major Industry:  Aquaculture Products; Trading Center

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