Ulat Sa Bayan 2011

Good morning!

You have just seen the numerous hidden talents of Cotabate├▒os. We know that they be great if given the break for their talents to be discovered. Who knows? They could be someday be joining the "Pilipinas Got Talent" and eventually shine as singing stars.

Let us just hope and pray that someday these singers will help bring the name of Cotabato City to the world headlines through their talents.

Thank you very much to our talented and beautiful singers!

Let us now proceed with the business of the day.

It has been nine months since you gave me the task of being your City Mayor.

I still remember the day when I assumed office. It was very difficult because I also inherited and assumed the gargantuan task of finding ways and means on how to pay the enormous debts and payables of the City Government.

The outstanding payables of the City Government was P28,180,206.96 as of June 30, 2010.  READ THE WHOLE REPORT