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EO 56 - Creating Technical Core Group and Reforrmulation of the Local Shelter Plan

Series of 2011


WHEREAS, the shelter situation in Cotabato City speaks of a housing backlog of 8,240 units as of the last survey made in 2006 due largely to double-up households, while the latest count of informal settlers as of 2009 who are living under various conditions in thirty (30) barangays account for 15,129 households;

WHEREAS, Article IV, Sections 7 and 8 of the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 (R.A. 7279) mandates Local Government Units to conduct an Inventory of Lands and the Identification of Sites for Socialized Housing where informal settlers living in environment-critical areas, danger zones, road-right-of ways, government lands and other marginalized families with no permanent homes to call their own could be relocated or resettled;

WHEREAS, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Cotabato City (CLUP 2011-2020) has allocated an area for residential purposes consisting of 1,266.62 hectares while 42.97 hectares are for socialized housing;

WHEREAS, in 2003, the Local Shelter Plan for Cotabato City was formulated and subsequently endorsed by the then Local Chief Executive (together with the CDC Resolution) to the Sangguniang Panlungsod but was never adopted by the latter;

WHEREAS, the absence of a ratified Local Shelter Plan negates the capacity of the City Government to implement a comprehensive integrated housing and land development program for the city's constituents;

WHEREAS, premises considered, there is a need to re-formulate the city's Local Shelter Plan following the guidelines set forth by the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC);

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JAPAL J. GUIANI, JR., Mayor of Cotabato City, and by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby constitute the following:

Section 1. Technical Core Group

The Technical Core Group shall have the City Planning and Development Coordinator as Overall Core Group Leader and shall have the following composition:

1.a Project Coordinator - Engr. Porfirio A. Delos Santos
Planning Officer IV/
OIC, Shelter Division, CPDO

1.b Members -          Jezebel R. Yu
Population Officer IV, OSWDS
Engr. Oscar B. Rendon
Planning Officer IV, CPDO
Ronnie B. Cadorna
Economist III, CPDO
Teresa V. Bataga
Project Development Officer III, CPDO
Fernando M. Estaniel
Supervising Administrative Officer, CPDO

1.c Secretariat - Engr. Elsa T. Delos Santos
Planning Officer III, CPDO
Teresita H. Roble
Planning Officer I, CPDO
Roy J. Munieza
Planning Officer II, CPDO

1.d S.P. Representation - Atty. Froilan R. Melendrez
 Chairman, Committee on Housing

Section 2. Overall Duty and Responsibility

It is the prime duty and responsibility of the Technical Core Group to reformulate the Local Shelter Plan of Cotabato City using the unratified 2003 Local Shelter Plan as take-off reference and applying the planning tools to be introduced by the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council acting as Technical Facilitators.

Subsequently, the draft plan shall be submitted to the Local Chief Executive for his review and comment assisted by the City Administrator and the Overall Core Group Leader. Henceforth, it will be forwarded to the Sangguniang Panlungsod for their review and eventual adoption.

Section 3. Specific Duties and Responsibilities

3.a Overall Core Group Leader
 General Supervision of the group's activities and logistic requirements
 Assist the Local Chief Executive during the review process of the draft plan
3.b Project Coordinator
 Convener of the group during the orientation, data gathering and writeshop process
 Provide guidance and direction in the processing/validation of data, new plan format and review of the old plan
3.c Members
 Review of the old plan to determine points of reference
 Computation/collation of relevant data and preparation of tables
 Plan reformulation
3.d Data Researchers
 Gathering of data from different concerned City Government offices and National Line Agencies
 Assist the members during collation of data
3.e Secretariat
 Arrange the general preparation of venue for the orientation and writeshop including audio-visual collaterals
 Procurement of supplies and materials
 Perform other work as may be deemed needed by the Overall Core Group Leader
3.f Sangguniang Panlungsod Representation
 Reference for all S.P.-related collaterals needed during the reformulation process
 Assist the members during the writeshop

Section 4. Funding Requirements

Funds for this purpose shall be provided accordingly which shall be taken from the surplus funds of the Master Development Plan (MDP) Preparation, taking into account that the Local Shelter Plan falls within the ambit of the local plans supportive to the MDP.

Section 5. Separability Clause

All orders, issuances, memoranda inconsistent herewith are deemed repealed or modified accordingly.

Section 6. Effectivity

This order shall take effect immediately upon signing.

Done this 7th day of October 2011 at Cotabato City, Philippines.


City Mayor
 Attested by:
Secretary to the Mayor


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