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EO 74 - Creation of Cotabato City Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) Council

Series of 2013

WHEREAS, the "Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig sa Lahat" Program was established to provide grant financing and capacity building for the implementation of water supply projects in waterless municipalities; in poorest barangays with high level of waterborne diseases, in resettlement areas and public health centers without access to safe and potable water;

WHEREAS, Cotabato City has been identified as one of the beneficiaries of the Program;

WHEREAS, in the interest of the public services to effectively implement the Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig sa Lahat Program and meet the obligations of the City as set forth herein, there is a need to create a City Water and Sanitation (Watsan) Council that shall integrate and promote the development of the water and sanitation sector at the local level, and coordinate and supervise the activities and outputs of the Program at the local level.

1. Formulate policy direction and develop plans, programs, and projects for the water and sanitation sector at the local level.

2. Ensure that that the water supply projects are integrated in the City Investment Health Plan (MIHP) under the Local Development Investment Plan (LDIP) and the Annual Investment Plan.

3. Identify communities who have shown interest to the project and has the capacity to implement the program as partner of the City with priority given to poor communities without access to safe drinking water, high incidence of water-borne diseases, and poverty incidence.

4. Ensure that the beneficiaries are properly consulted to promote sense of ownership on the projects. Proceedings of which shall be documented and submitted to DILG for reference.

5. Prepare and submit project proposal and the necessary accompanying documents to DILG Regional Office through the DILG City Office.

6. Open Trust Account with any local depository bank of the Government for account expenses. In case the LGUs have existing Trust Account, a certification from the Treasurer has to be issued with separate ledger under the Salintubig Program and a certification from the Local Depository Bank of the existing LGU Trust Account.

7. Prepare Detailed Engineering Designs (DED) either by in-house of by contracting consultant or engaging services of Government Agencies; supervise the preparation of the DED by the said Service Provider/s and allow the later to have access to any available data/report to facilitate the timely completion; In any case, the LGU shall approve the DED of the projects;

8. Provide technical assistance to other types of water service providers (WSPs) such as water cooperatives, barangay water supply associations, rural water supply associations, and private operators during planning, implementation and operation and maintenance of the water system.

9. Comply with all the documentary requirements for the release of funds such as the project proposal/feasibility study and detailed engineering design and other requirements thereafter for the succeeding releases, including Right of Ways (ROWs) acquisition plan, water quality test results, water permit, and environmental clearance.

10. Implement the project either by administration or by contract. In either mode of implementation, the Government Procurement Reform Act or RA 9184 shall be complied with. Implementation shall be in accordance to the approved detailed engineering designs. Any amendments, variations from the original design, the City shall seek the approval of DILG Regional Office.

11. Supervise construction activities, including but not limited to the inspection of works to ensure that the contractor comply with the materials quality control and safety standards, and that the construction is undertaken in accordance with the time bound schedule.

12. Provide ten percent (10%) counterparts to projects that will form part of the total project cost of the proposed water system.

13. Participate in all capacity building interventions provided by DILG, DOH, LWUA and NAPC.

14. In case the management of the water systems will be operated and maintained by the City Government of Cotabato, ensure ring-fencing of water utility accounts have to be put in place and the appropriate management policies and computed tariffs are transformed into ordinances/resolutions. If the facilities will be operated and managed by the community, organize the beneficiary barangay/s into BWSAs who will be responsible for the operation and maintenance.

15. In case the proponent is a Water Service Provider, enter into an agreement with partner water service provider (WSP) like Water District or cooperative to implement the water project; define the obligations of both parties during the various phases of project planning, implementation and operations and requirements for project approval and funds disbursement.

16. Submit monthly physical progress reports to the DILG Regional Office; furnish copies to the DILG Central Office. Submit to DILG-Regional Office a monthly verified Statement of Expenditures (SOE) duly signed by the Treasurer, Accountant and verified by the Auditor and Statement of Receipts and Disbursements (SORD).

17. Comply with the Seal of Good House Keeping (SGH).

18. As warranted conduct social advocacy on the project by posting community billboards within the service areas and posting the status of preparation and implementation at the local website; distribute leaflets, primers, tri-media of public assemblies.

19. Facilitate the provision of office space for the Program. The office space shall bear the signage of the Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig sa Lahat serving not only as a venue for small group discussions but also as a reposition of the  technical references to be provided b the Program, thereby making a learning resource center on water and sanitation.

NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of powers vested upon me by law do hereby order the creation of the Water and Sanitation Council composed of the following:

Adviser                                    DR. DANDA N. JUANDAY
Chairman                                 MR. ROSELLER A. PAPA
                                                  City Planning & Development Coordinator
Vice Chairman                          ENGR. NEREO G. ZAMBRANO
                                                  Engineer II
                                                  City Engineering Office
Members                                  ENGR. ABEDAN M. SOLANO
City Budget Officer
City Accountant
City Treasurer
City Health Officer
Acting Information Officer
City Local Government Operations Officer
DONE this 22nd day of January 2013 at the City of Cotabato, Philippines.
City Mayor
Secretary to the City Mayor


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