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Mutya ng Kutabato 2013

Cotabato City is now under the reign of the new Mutya ng Cotabato 2013. Candidate number 4 Sarah Jane Mantigue won the votes of the judges and grabbed the title against 6 other candidates. First runner up is Candidate number 5, Humberline Anito and placing as Second Runner up is Candidate number 6, Christine Joy Capin.

Mantigue also received 3 Minor Awards--Best in Swimsuit, Best in Official Attire, and Best in Production Number. She finally won the hearts of the judges during the question and answer portion where she answered energy conservation to the question of how she can contribute in protecting the environment.

Meanwhile, the other candidates also won other awards. Candidate number 7, Precious Honey Llanda, got the Best in Long Gown and Best in Talent Awards. Candidate number 3, Mae Ann Joy Bello got the Miss Photogenic Award and Candidate number 2, Jamela Buisan got the Miss Congeniality award.

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