The year 2015 has been one of the best years for our beloved Cotabato City. It was when our dreams of witnessing the gift of  progress unfold before our very eyes as we welcomed big investments and improve our economic status.

It is also a year when Cotabato City has been recognized by the national government and by several other award giving bodies as one of the top performing local governments in the country when it comes to being child friendly, business friendly, and good governance.

Challenges still came our way, but through it all we made it and we have surpassed every obstacle and came out much better than what we were before.

As we welcome the year 2016, may we always stay united as a people. May we remain steadfast in achieving our goals of a peaceful and progressive Cotabato City. May we never let our guards down and continue to fight against crime, corruption, poverty, and illiteracy.

New Year means new beginnings, new challenges, and new achievements.

Together, let us face them all and together we will shine as Cotabateños.

Happy New Year and Sigay ka, Cotabato City!



Mayor Japal J. Guiani, Jr




sigay ka