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EO 153 - An Order Rationalizing the Conduct of Council and Committee Meetings

Series of 2016


WHEREAS, local special bodies (LSBs), local councils and committees, as mandated by the Local Government Code of 1991 and other laws, rules and regulations, provide avenues for meaningful participation through organized representation in various decision-making processes at the local government level;

WHEREAS, the frequency of meetings required for each council or committee is provided in the law creating said council or committee or in the implementing rules and regulations;

WHEREAS, these LSBs, local councils and committees are chaired by the local chief executive and some members or representatives sit in councils or committees with the same sectoral concerns;

WHEREAS, council and committee meetings take more time from participating local authorities, time that could be used to address equally pressing concerns in their local governments;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JAPAL J. GUIANI, JR., City Mayor of Cotabato, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order the use of the "cluster-based approach" in order to rationalize the convening of these LSBs, local councils and committees:

SECTION 1. Cluster-Based Approach

The various LSBs, local councils and committees shall be clustered into the following:

1) Economic
· Local Poverty Reduction Action Team
· Price Coordinating Council
· Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council
· Tourism Council
· Other related bodies, council and committees
Secretariat support to this cluster will be provided by the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO).
2) Social Protection
· Local School Board
· Local Health Board
· Local Literacy Coordinating Council
· Gender and Development Council
· Council on Disability Affairs
· Council for Senior Citizens Affairs
· Council for the Protection of Children
· Committee on Anti-Trafficking and Violence Against Women and Children
· Local Housing Board
· Council Against Syndicates and Professional Squatters
· HIV/AIDS Council
· Local Culture and the Arts Council
· Advisory Committee for the Effective Implementation of the 4Ps
· Other related bodies, councils and committees
Secretariat support to this cluster will be provided by the Office on Social Welfare and Development Services (OSWDS).
3) Environmental Management and Climate Change
· Ecological Solid Waste Management Board
· Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council
· Clean and Green Committee
· Water and Sanitation Council
· Forest Committee
· Other related bodies, councils and committees
Secretariat support to this cluster will be provided by the Office on General Services (OGS) and the Office for Veterinary Services (OVS) Agricultural Division.
4) Peace and Order and Public Safety
· Peace and Order Council
· Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
· People's Law Enforcement Board
· Anti-Drug Abuse Council
· Crisis Management Committee
· Emergency Response Council
· Other related bodies, councils and committees
Secretariat support to this cluster will be provided by the Cotabato City Police Office (CCPO) and the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO).
5) Infrastructure
· Electric Cooperative
· Public Works
· Water Utilities
· Telecommunications
· Transportation
· Other related groups
Secretariat support to this cluster will be provided by the City Engineering Office (CEO).

SECTION II. Exemption to the Cluster-based Approach. The City Development Council (CDC) shall independently function as prescribed by law, considering that its mandate encompasses the concerns of the above clusters.

SECTION III. Cluster and Individual Committee Meetings

(a) Cluster meetings, regular or special, shall be conducted as may be determined by the City Mayor who shall call and preside the same.

(b) Individual committee meetings, regular or special, are expected to be held as prescribed by existing laws, rules and regulations. The City Mayor may designate an official to chair said regular or special meetings.

(c) A special meeting may be conducted to respond to urgent concerns involving a specific cluster or committee.

SECTION IV. Cluster Oversight Committee

(a) A Cluster Oversight Committee (COC) shall be created with representatives from the bodies, councils and committees within each cluster. Members of each council or committee shall select from among themselves their representative to the COC.

(b) The City Mayor shall serve as chairperson of this committee, with a vice chairperson who shall be selected from among the representatives of the councils and committees within the cluster.

(c) Meetings of the committee shall be conducted to look into the status of the cluster-wide implementation of plans and programs, among other things, and ensure efficient and effective implementation of the same. Upon guidance from the chair, the vice chair may also call for COC meetings.

SECTION V. Cluster Secretariat Protocol. The secretariat of each cluster shall be responsible for the following:

1. Scheduling and preparation of agenda of cluster meetings, in reference to certain provisions of laws, rules and regulations creating such bodies, councils and committees;

2. Issuance of notices of meeting to concerned council or committee members;

3. Facilitation in the conduct of the meeting;

4. Documentation of the Minutes of the Meeting; and

5. Preparation of Cluster Accomplishment Reports.

Each council or committee shall submit to the Secretariat their concerns, if any, for inclusion in the agenda.

SECTION VI. Effectivity. This Executive order shall take effect immediately upon its signing.

Done in the City of Cotabato this 3rd day of February 2016.


City Mayor
Secretary to the Mayor


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