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Cotabato City LGU named most Competitive City in terms of Government Efficiency

The City Government of Cotabato was named the Most Competitive Independent Component City when it comes to Government Efficiency in the recently conducted search for the Most Competitive Cities and Municipalities in the Philippines and landed on the TOP 5 in the overall ranking.

The awarding ceremony was held during the 4th Regional Competitiveness Summit at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City last July 14, 2016. This was attended by non- other than Cotabato City Vice Mayor Atty. Frances Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi and some key officials and employees of the city government.

Cotabato City was running against the cities of Naga, Camarines Sur and Legazpi, Albay who were among the top 3 in terms of Government Efficiency.

In the end, Cotabato City was announced as the top competitive independent city in this aspect.

Cotabato City Vice Mayor Atty. Frances Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi said this award is only proof that the city government under the Guiani administration is doing a very good job in upholding the rights of the people and giving the Cotabate├▒os the best of its services.

She also said that being the number LGU in the aspect of Government Efficiency is a big thing since it directly suggests that the current leaders of this city are effective and efficient when it comes to implementing programs and projects of the government for the people.

"It only goes to show that the progress that the LGU is helping Cotabato City to attain is being recognized at the national level. We are very proud and at the same time humbled by this recognition. This is dedicated to all our fellow Cotabate├▒os", the Vice Mayor said.

According to the Naitonal Competitiveness Council, the Cities and Municipalities Index is an annual ranking of Philippine cities and municipalities developed by the NCC through the Regional Competitiveness Committees (RCCs) with the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development. It is based on three pillars: Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, and Infrastructure.

Economic dynamism is usually associated with activities that create stable expansion of business and industries and higher employment. This is the concrete representation of productivity as it matches the output of the local economy with local resources. Government efficiency refers to the quality and reliability of government services and support for effective and sustainable productive expansion. Conceptually, this factor looks at government as an institution that is generally not corrupt; able to protect and enforce contracts; apply moderate and reasonable taxation and is able to regulate proactively. Meanwhile, Infrastructure refers to the physical building blocks that connect, expand, and sustain a locality and its surroundings to enable the provision of goods and services.

The scores that each local government unit gets from these three pillars will be judged individually and then added up to determine the overall Most Competitive Cities and Municipalities.

The LGUs are also categorized depending on the class of their cities or municipalities. Cotabato City belongs to the category of Independent Component Cities.

In the overall ranking, Cotabato City landed on the Top 5. It is at Top 10 in terms of Economic Dynamism and Top 20 in Infrastructure.

Cotabato City Mayor Japal J. Guiani, Jr., though was not able to attend because of a prior commitment to an equally important matter, also expressed his pride and joy after learning about the award.

"By accepting this award, we also accept the challenge of continuously learning and improving the services that the Cotabato City LGU is extending not only to its citizens, but to its visitors and its neighbors in the other towns as well. It is also with deep gratitude that we thank our partners in the private sector and other government agencies for their unrelenting support to and cooperation with the local government of Cotabato City", Mayor Guiani added.

This is the fourth year that Cotabato City has joined the search for the Most Competitive Cities and Municipalities competition.