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EO 192 - Creating the Adolescent Health Committee and Its Composition

Series of 2017

WHEREAS, the “adolescents,” whose age group belongs to 10-19 years old, are a potent force for genuine development to bring forth economic progress, peace, security, moral ascendency, and meaningful participation in the local governance;

WHEREAS, adolescents comprise significant number of our population and considering also that they are the successor of our generation;

WHEREAS, adolescent stage is a very critical and vital stage in the life of a person because as a transition to adulthood, it is observed that significant proportion of young people engage in high risk sexual and non-sexual behaviors which compromises their health, well-being and development.

WHEREAS, Section 13 of Article 2 of the Philippine Constitution provides that “The State recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation-building, and shall promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being. It shall inculcate in the youth patriotism and nationalism, and encourage their involvement in public and civic affairs”;

WHEREAS, Section 17 of RA 7160 provides for the delivery of basic services and facilities for health and social welfare services, including its programs and projects on while and youth welfare;

WHEREAS, the City of Cotabato adheres to the right of the adolescents and youth to fully enjoy services and programs to ensure full development, health, welfare and protection in accordance with Republic Act 10354, and the Family Code of the Philippines;

WHEREAS, the national government, through the Department of Health (DOH), issued Administrative Order No. 2013-0013 on March 2013 or the National Policy and Strategic Framework on Adolescent Health and Development which mandated the local government units to be responsible in designing, funding, implementing, monitoring local health and development programs suited for adolescents in their area, in partnership with youth, government agencies, civil society and the private sector, under the technical guidance of the DOH;

NOW, THEREFORE, with the authority vested upon me by law as the Mayor of Cotabato City, I, ATTY. FRANCES CYNTHIA J. GUIANI-SAYADI, do hereby order the following:

SECTION 1. Composition. An Adolescent Health Committee shall be created with the following composition:

Chairperson                    ATTY. FRANCES CYNTHIA J. GUIANI-SAYADI
City Mayor
Vice Chairperson             CITY HEALTH OFFICER
Members                        CHAIRMAN, Committee on Health,Sangguniang Panlungsod
CHAIRMAN, Committee on Youth, Sangguniang Panlungsod
PRINCIPAL, Cotabato City National High School (Main Campus)
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Notre Dame Educational Association
PRESIDENT, Liga ng mga Barangay
CHIEF, Women and Child Protection Unit, Cotabato City Police Office
REPRESENTATIVE, Adolescent/Youth-Focused NGO
REPRESENTATIVE, Adolescent/Youth-based religious organization
Secretariat                      Adolescent Health & Development Program Coordinator
Office on Health Services

SECTION 2. OBJECTIVES. The Committee shall formulate guidelines, rules and policy measures for consideration of the concerned authority for the establishment of an adolescent-friendly Office on Health Services and its barangay health stations, adolescent-friendly private and public high schools, colleges and universities, adolescent-focused community facilities. The emphasis will be on adolescent-friendliness of the said venues and places.

SECTION 3. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. The Adolescent Health Committee shall be responsible in formulating strategic plans, and overseeing the implementation of adolescent health initiatives, including monitoring and assessment of adolescent health programs in the city. The Committee shall act as an advisory or recommendatory body on matters concerning the adolescent health program. Specifically, the roles and responsibilities of each member are as follows:

A. City Health Office. As the Secretariat of the Committee, it shall be responsible for the following: • Prepare agenda for the meeting and send communications to the members;

• Regular attendance to meetings;

• Participate in planning and monitoring activities;

• Submit monthly reports;

• Provide feedback on the status of the program implementation;

• Spearhead the development of Operational Guidelines in making OHS and health stations adolescent-friendly;

• Spearhead the conduct of adolescent and youth health and development activities in the city.

B. Academe.

• Submit reports, data information on the implementation of school-based AYH-related initiatives.

• Referral/networking of services to the Barangay Health Centers and other facilities.

• Organize school-based Peer Educators

• Participate in the conduct of city-wide reproductive health-related activities such as Family Planning Month, World AIDS Day, and International AIDS Candlelight Memorial



• Coordinate with the OHS on activities, programs and services offered

• Assist the LGU in undertaking activities on AYH

• Referral and networking

• Submit reports and provide feedback


D. Barangay and other Government Offices

• Assist and participate actively in adolescent and youth health activities

• Share resources for adolescent and youth health activities

• Referral and networking

• Organize Peer Educators

• Master listing of young people in the barangay

• Early referral of teenage pregnancies

• Integrate in the Barangay plans the activities related to adolescent and youth health and development


SECTION 4. SERVICE DELIVERY AND REFERRAL GUIDELINES. The Adolescent Health Committee shall formulate the minimum standard operating procedures that will guide health service providers in different disciplines such as OHS/BHS, private clinics and other facilities involved in providing health services for adolescents.

SECTION 5. MEETINGS. The Adolescent Health Committee will meet quarterly, every first month of the quarter, or as the need arises.

SECTION 6. REPEALING CLAUSE. Previous orders or Memorandum inconsistent herewith are repealed or modified accordingly.

Done this 7th day of February 2017 in the City of Cotabato.


City Mayor
Secretary to the City Mayor


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