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Top 3 Most Inspiring Teacher is from Cotabato City

17353596_606045679594113_6782269159551589153_nThe City Government of Cotabato congratulates MR. GOMERSENDO P. CARCUEVA, JR. for being adjudged as the TOP 3 MOST INSPIRING TEACHER IN THE PHILIPPINES!

The award was given by the Saceda Youth Lead, a private youth institution under the auspices of the National Youth Commission of the Philippines, that provides leadership trainings, community service, education, and many others, to the youth and professionals and help shape them to becoming effective citizens of the country.

Mr. Carcueva was among the dozens of teachers across the country who aspired for the award. Among the top 16 that passed the evaluation, only 10 of them were given recognition.

In his life as a teacher, Mr. Carcueva has initiated several leadership trainings for students in both public and private schools in Cotabato City. Aiming to help the youth in the city to hone their leadership skills to its full extent, Mr. Carcueva not only conduct the trainings, but he also uses his connections in local private institutions for the students to be able to join for free.

He said, this initiative is out of his love for education and service.

"I have been in a Marist institution for a long period in my career as an educator and I think it has inculcated in me the sincere commitment to public service", Mr. Carcueva said.

City Mayor Atty. Frances Cynthia J. Guiani-Sayadi has also expressed her pride and joy upon learning about the recognition that Mr. Carcueva has brought the city. She said, not only are the students the ones who excel in the field of education but the teachers, themselves, as well.

"We are very proud of Mr. Carcueva's achievement. I hope other teachers will be inspired by this to be more dedicated to their job as they are the ones who play the most vital role in shaping the future of our youth", Mayor Guiani-Sayadi said.

Mr. Carcueva is currently connected with the Department of Education (City Schools Division) and still continues to train students to becoming good leaders someday.

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