EO 2 - Reconstituting the LFC

Series of 2010

WHEREAS, Republic Act No. 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code 1991 provided for the creation of the Local Finance Committee in every local government unit;

WHEREAS, Section 316 of said Code specifically enumerated the composition of the Local Finance Committee (LFC) such as: the City Planning and Development Coordinator, the City Budget Officer and the City Treasurer;

WHEREAS, the City Government of Cotabato, like other local government units, saw and realized the need to expand the composition of the LFC members to include the City Administrator and the City Accountant;

WHEREAS, there is also a need to organize a Technical Working Group (TWG) and Secretariat to extend technical and administrative support to the LFC;

WHEREAS, the members of the TWG and Secretariat shall be composed of City Government personnel with sufficient background, knowledge and information of the annual expenditures and ceilings of spending for economic, social and general services;

WHEREAS, by virtue of the expressed provision of the said code, the Local Chief Executive has been authorized to form the City Local Finance Committee (LFC), its Technical Working Group (TWG) and Secretariat solely for this purpose;

NOW, THEREFORE, I JAPAL J. GUIANI, JR., Mayor of the City of Cotabato, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order the creation of the City Local Finance Committee (LFC) and its Technical Working Group (TWG) and Secretariat:

Section 1. Composition of the City Local Finance Committee

Chairman - City Treasurer

Members - City Administrator

- City Budget Officer

- City Accountant

- City Planning and Development Coordinator

Section 2. Composition of the Technical Working Group and Secretariat

Technical Working Group
a. Assistant City Budget Officer
b. Assistant City General Services Officer
c. Assistant City Planning and Development Coordinator
a. Representative, City Treasury Office
b. Representative, City Budget Office
c. Representative, Office of the Sangguniang Panlungsod

Section 3. Duties and Responsibilities of the LFC

The LFC shall exercise the following:

a. Determine the income reasonably projected as collectible for the ensuing fiscal year;

b. Recommend appropriate tax and other revenue measures or borrowings which may be required to support budget;

c. Recommend for the City Mayor level of annual expenditures and ceilings of spending for economic, social and general services based on the approved local development plans;

d. Recommend to the City Mayor the City proper allocation of expenditures for each development activity between current operating expenditures and capital outlays;

e. Recommend to the City Mayor the amount to be allocated for capital outlay under each development activity or infrastructure project;

f. Assist the Sangguniang Panlungsod in the review and evaluation of budgets of the city and recommend the appropriate action thereon;

g. Assist the Sangguniang Panlungsod members concerned in the analysis and review of annual regular and supplement budgets of the City to determine compliance with statutory and administrative requirements; and

h. Conduct semi-annually, annual review and general examination of cost and accomplishments against performance standards applied in understanding development projects.

Section 4. Duties and Responsibilities of the TWG

        The TWG shall be responsible to:

a. Assist the LFC in the preparation and holding of meetings;

b. Determine the eligibility documents submitted by requesting offices and individuals;

c. Conduct study and research modes on issues and concerns submitted to the LFC that needs to be resolved;

d. Conduct review and evaluation of all requests for funding submitted by proponents to the Committee;

Section 5. Duties and Responsibilities of the Secretariat

       The Secretariat shall be responsible to:

a. Attend all meetings as scheduled by the LFC and take the Minutes of all the proceedings and produce necessary documents;

b. Prepare and deliver invitations to requested participants to attend meeting;

c. Keep a record of all the transcribed Minutes of the meetings conducted by LFC and furnished the same to concerned parties/agencies as may be deemed necessary;

d. Provide technical assistance to the LFC during meetings;

e. Evaluate all proposals submitted to the LFC;

f. Prepare the date, time and venue of the meeting;

g. Appraise validity of said requests and make the necessary recommendations;

h. Prepare the Agenda and internal rules;

i. Determine parties to be invited to the meeting/conference;

j. Reproduce documents and transmit the same to concerned offices for their compliance, as required by the LFC.

k. To take custody of all documents submitted to the LFC ensuring that they are intact and free from any tampering or unauthorized disclosure prior to the scheduled meetings;

l. Provide technical assistance to the LFC during meetings and;

m. Perform such other functions as may be required by the LFC.

Section 6. Fund Support

        The LFC be provided with the funding support to be taken from any available source deemed appropriate.

Section 7. Repeating Clause. All issuances, memoranda and special orders issued inconsistent herewith are hereby superseded, repealed and amended accordingly.

Section 8. Separability Clause. If any provision of this resolution found to be unconstitutional or inconsistent with any national or local laws, ordinances or resolutions, all the other provisions thereof shall remain in full force and applicable.

Section 9. Effectivity. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Done in the City of Cotabato this 7th day of July 2010.

City Mayor

Attested by:

Secretary to the Mayor


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