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EO 6 - Solid Waste Management Board

Series of 2010


WHEREAS, RA 9003, otherwise known as the Ecological solid Waste Management Act of 2000, provides that should be a City Solid Waste Management Board for all cities as mandatory requirement;

WHEREAS, this city has re-constituted its city Solid Waste Management Board thru Executive Order No. 07 dated September 12, 2002;

WHEREAS, this city has re-constituted its City Solid Waste Management Board thru Executive Order No. dated October 2007;

WHEREAS, the membership of the Board has to be updated due to personalities occupying positions mandatory to be members of the Board has changed;

WHEREAS, the current solid waste situation in the city has to be attended to, for the general welfare and health of the people;

WHEREAS, the health and environment problem requires utmost attention and cooperation among the concerned local government units, national government agencies, business community, civil society, non-government organizations and the people in general;

NOW THEREFORE, I, JAPAL J. GUIANI, JR., by the powers vested in me as Mayor of Cotabato City, do hereby order the re-constitution of the City Solid Waste Management Board to take the lead in the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Program in the City of Cotabato, as follows;

SECTION 1. Composition. The Cotabato City Solid Waste Management Board shall be composed of the following:

Chairman            Hon. Japal J. Guiani, Jr.
City Mayor
Co-Chairman      Atty. Frances Cynthia Guiani- Sayadi
City Administrator
Vice-Chairman     Chairman
SP Committee on Ecological Solid Waste Management

Members             President, Liga ng mga Barangay

Chairman, SP Committee on Health, Sanitation & Nutrition

President, Sangguniang Kabataan Federation

City Police Director, Cotabato City Police Office

City General Service Officer

City Health Officer

City Planning and Development Coordinator

City Engineer

City Social Welfare and Development Officer

City Schools Division Superintendent

City Director, Department of Trade and Industry

Mohamad S. Mama, Jr., CENRO Cotabato City

City Director, Department of the Interior and Local Government

Dr. Danda Juanday, CEO, MANTANA Development Program, Inc.

Dr. Samuel Pahm, ECODOME Foundation, Inc.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish Rector

(Religious Sector Representative)

Representative, Bishop- Ulama Conference (Religious Sector Representative)

Mr. Willie Guil Francisco, Manager/ Proprietor, IAN Junk Store

The President, Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas,
Cotabato Chapter (Media Representative)
John U. Unson, National Union Journalist of the Philippines
Cotabato Chapter (Media Representative)
SECTION 2: FUNCTIONS OF THE CITY SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT BOARD. The Board shall perform the following duties and responsibilities

1. Development a Solid Waste Management Plan to ensure long-term management of solid waste, as well as integrate the various solid waste management plans and strategies of component barangays;

2. Adopt measures to promote and ensure the viability and effective implementation of Solid Waste Management Programs in all component barangays;

3. Monitor the implementation of the City Solid Waste Management Plan thru the component barangays, and in cooperation with the private sector and non- government organizations;

4. Adopt specific revenue- generating measures to promote the viability of the program;

5. Convene regular meeting for purposes of planning and coordination of the solid waste management plan of component barangays;

6. Adopt a process of maximum consultation with all concerned sector and agencies to ensure that their needs, concerns, ideas are seriously considered in the formulation of the parameters of the implementing action plans and programs;

7. Oversee the implementation of the City Solid Waste Management Plan;

8. Review every two (2) years or as the need arises, the city Solid Waste Management Plan for purposes of ensuring sustainability, viability, effectiveness and relevance in relation to local and international development in the field of solid waste management;

9. Develop specific mechanics and guidelines to implement the City Solid Waste Management Plan;

10. Recommend to appropriate local government authorities specific measures or proposals for franchise or build-operate- transfer agreements with duly recognized institutions to provide either exclusive or non-exclusive authority for the collection, transfer, storage, processing recycling or disposal of the city solid waste;

11. Provide the necessary logistical and operational support to component barangays;

12. Recommend measures and safeguards against pollution and the preservation of the natural ecosystem;

13. Coordinate the efforts of component barangays in the implementation of the City Solid Waste Management Plan; and

14. Call on any agency or sector, as it may deem necessary, for support or other appropriate action.

Head:                 Engr. Crisanto B. Saavedra
Assistant City General Services Officer
Members:           Engr. Abdul I. Bagundang
Engineer IV, Office on General Services
Engr. Oscar Rendon
Planning Officer IV, City Planning and Development Office
Mr. Diosadado Oro
Planning Officer IV, City Health Office
Information Officer
Office of the City Mayor
Ms. Adela B. Sayre
Community Affairs Officer IV
Community Affairs and Cooperative Services Division
Office of the City Mayor
Engr. Julieta L. Zambrano
Engineer II, City Engineering Office
Engr. Rogelio B. Baligo
Public Service Officer IV, Office on General Services
Mr. Edwin B. Lumibao
Public Service Officer II, Office on General Services
Ms. Nenita M. Umag
Supervising Administrative Officer, Office on General Services
Engr. Edna A. Delicano
Planning Officer IV, Office on General Services
Engr. Scherjan Moosa C. Ibrahim
Statistician I, Office on General Services
Mr. Reynaldo A. Ridao
Senior Agriculturist, Office for Veterinary Services
DILG Cotabato City
Mr. Junaida K. Kamid
Division Culture and Arts Coordinator, City Schools Division
Department of Education
Department of Science and Technology XII



The Technical Working Group shall provide technical assistance and administrative support to the City Solid Waste Management Board and shall act as the Project Management Team (PMT) which shall have the following functions:

1. Active involvement in the implementation of the city's Solid Waste Management Project assuming the tasks previously performed by the ACF International, Handicap International, and the former Project Management Unit;

2. Conduct meeting individually with the twelve (12) barangays currently included by the Project and with those that will be covered in the future for purposes of replication;

3. With the presence of the officers of the CSWMB, conduct semestral Project Implementation Review (PIR) to discuss project implementation status discuss issuances and concerns and provide update on actions on matters previously raised to the PMT;

4. Plan and undertake the expansion of the SWN Project to the other Barangay of the city;

5. Conduct field monitoring of SWM activities in the barangays and schools;

6. Seek to obtain private sector support for SWM activities;

7. Identify activities, facilities, and other things needed to enhance the city's SWM Project;

8. Prepare emergency plan in case of immediate closure of the existing dumpsite;

9. Provide the necessary technical support and coordinate efforts of the barangays in the implementation of their Solid Waste Management Programs;

10. Identify and recommend policies for adoption by the City Solid Waste Management Board (CSWMB) and other institutions of the city

11. Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly, and annual accomplishment / report to the CSWMB;

12. Do other task that may be assigned to it by the CSWMB.

SECTION 5. REPEALING CLAUSE. All issuances, orders and memoranda issued inconsistent herewith are hereby nullified and / or repealed.

SECTION 6. EFFECTIVITY. This executive order shall take effect immediately.

DONE this 19th day of July 2010 in Cotabato City, Philippines,


City Mayor
Secretary to the City Mayor


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