EO 14 - City Nutrition Council

Series 2010


WHEREAS, malnutrition is seriously affecting millions of our people;

WHEREAS, malnutrition retards mental and physical development of our children, weakens their resistance to infections resulting in unnecessary loss of human lives through high infant and child mortality rates;

WHEREAS, studies indicate that infants and young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers are most vulnerable to malnutrition;

WHEREAS, the nutrition program, being concerned with human resource development, is a vital and integral part of social reform and economic development;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JAPAL J. GUIANI, JR., Mayor of Cotabato City, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order that the Cotabato City Nutrition Council (CNCC) be constituted.

Section 1. Creation of a City Nutrition Council. — There is hereby created under the Office of the City Mayor, the Cotabato City Nutrition Council, hereinafter referred to as the Council, to be composed of the following officials:

Chairman -        CITY MAYOR JAPAL J. GUIANI, JR.

Vice Chairman - City Health Officer

Members -        Chairman, Committee on Health
Sangguniang Panlungsod
Liga ng mga Barangay
Sangguniang Kabataan Federation
City Schools Division Superintendent
City Veterinarian
City Social Welfare & Development Officer
Chief, Agricultural Services Division
Office for Veterinary Services
Cotabato Hotel & Restaurant Association
Cotabato City Bakers Association
Regional Manager
National Food Authority
City Director
Department of the Interior & Local Government
President, Philippine Medical Association


Section 2. Functions and Powers. — The Council shall have the following functions and powers:

(a) Formulate, coordinate, implement and monitor the nutrition action program.

(b) Generate and mobilize resources.

(c) Integrate existing nutrition related projects and activities.

(d) Revitalize the Barangay Nutrition Committees.

(e) Coordinate the release of public funds for nutrition purposes in accordance with the approved projects and programs.

(f) To coordinate all requests for grants and/or aid from government agencies, non-government organizations and donor agencies involved in the nutrition program.

Section 3. City Nutrition Action Officer — The Council shall appoint a Nutrition Action Officer who shall have the following responsibilities:

1. Initiate the conduct of City Nutrition Council (CNC) meetings.

2. Lead the planning group within the CNC and initiate nutrition action planning.

3. Coordinate implementation of the nutrition action plan and conduct periodic visits to barangays to assess program implementation.

4. Supervise Barangay Nutrition Councils and act as resource person during Barangay planning activities.

5. Prepare and submit report to the Mayor and the CNC.

6. Keep records of CNC meetings.

7. Provide technical assistance when necessary.

8. Initiate the organization or revitalization of Barangay Nutrition Councils.

Section 4. Donations. — The Council shall be authorized to receive donations, grants, or gifts in whatever form and from whatever sources: Provided that, said grants, gifts or donations shall be terms of the grant or donations and in such manner as the majority of the council may in its discretion determine.

Section 5. All laws, decrees, orders, rules and regulations inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed and/or modified accordingly.

Section 6. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Done in the City of Cotabato, this 17th day of August, 2010.



City Mayor
Secretary to the City Mayor


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