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First 100 Days Report


October 11, 2010

Good morning every fellow Cotabateños!

Rome was not built in one day." The city of Rome, like all great works, was built over many years of hard work. "Rome was not built in one day" says that you must work hard and keep working hard if you want to build something great.

Just like our Cotabato City, it was not built in one day or in just 100 days. However, in just 100 days, I am proud to say that my administration has done quite a lot to improve our city and uplift the living conditions of our people.

I may not have satisfied the needs of all our people but, nevertheless, we have made some headway to address their needs.

The first 100 days was, indeed, very difficult for my administration.

It was very difficult because I assumed a ‘mountain’ of debts and payables, and was left with only a very small drop of money to sustain the operation of the City Government for the remaining six months of the year.

When I assumed office, our loan payables reached 191 million pesos. Hindi pa kasama dito ang mga utang sa mga suppliers na umaabot sa mahigit 4.9 million pesos.

Ang pinakamalaki sa mga ito ay ang utang ng City Government sa Cotabato Light and Power Company na umaabot sa six million pesos. Kalahati nito ay atin nang mababayaran mula sa ating IRA differential.

Magkaganyan man, nagawa pa rin nating tugunan ang mga panganga-ilangan ng ating lungsod.

We were able to pay the repair of three police vehicles and one fire truck. We even provided one vehicle for the Special Weapons and Tactics Team or SWAT of our City Police.

Aside from these, we also provide new tires and batteries for our police patrol vehicles.

In order to further improve the communication facilities of our local police, we provided them with cell phones.

As a result, there was a big drop in index crimes during the period from July to September 2010 as compared to the same period last year.

These are crimes against person and property.

From an over-all average of 44.82 percent during the same period last year, it dropped to 33.85 percent.

However, for non-index crimes, like illegal gambling and illegal possession of firearms, there was an increase as compared to the same period last year.

From an over-all average of 34.55 percent, non-index crimes increased to 45.65 percent.

This means that there were more persons arrested for involvement in illegal gambling and illegal possession of firearms.

Unfortunately, during my first 100 days in office, there were two kidnapping incidents.

The first was the abduction of Nelson Tay last August. Due to the concerted efforts of our law enforcement authorities, together with the help of the citizens, Nelson was freed unharmed 72 hours later.

Last Friday afternoon, these lawless elements again struck and abducted Mrs. Conchita Tan, wife of a prominent businessman in the city.

Relative thereto, we immediately created the Task Force Conchita to work for the safe recovery of the victim.

Along this line, I would like to emphasize our “No Ransom” Policy with regards to kidnapping.

Ang mga kidnapping na ito ay maaring naglalayung siraan ang aking administrasyon.

Subalit hindi ako matatakot o matitinag. I will use the full force of the law to put a stop to all these kidnappings, including all other lawless activities in the city, like extortion, carnapping and hold-up.

Wala tayong sasantuhin. Hindi ko hahayaang magpatuloy sa paghahasik ng takot ang mga taong ito.

Aside from these abductions, four of our personnel in the City Government were killed.

The first was the shooting of one of our garbage truck drivers last July. The motive behind the incident has been established to be ‘rido.’

Last month, two female employees died in a shooting incident. The motive has been established to be not work-related and a criminal case has been filed against the suspect.

Also last month, one of our security guard at the Slaughterhouse was shot dead. It was established that the motive behind it was ‘rido.’

Meanwhile, in other developments, in our intensified revenue collection, our Permits and License Division posted an income for the period of more than 51 million pesos.

In support to our tax collection campaign, we created a Task Force on Business Licenses.

Alam natin na maraming negosyo dito sa lungsod ang hindi nag-renew o ang iba ay talagang walang business permits. Kaya, sa pamamagitan ng Task Force on Business License ay tinulungan natin silang makapag-renew o makakuha ng business permits upang maging legal naman ang kanilang pagnenegosyo.

We also introduced innovations in our Permits and License Division. With the help of the United States Agency for International Development or USAID and the Metro Cotabato Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we started the Electronic Business Permit and Licensing System.

It is hoped that by January 2011, our business permits and license processing will be fully computerized.

Moreover, with the help of the Department of Trade and Industry, the Cotabato City National Economic Research and Business Assistance Center or NERBAC was launched.

NERBAC will be providing one-stop shop for assessing business information and for express business licensing and registration and, at the same time, serve as an investment promotion arm of the city.

The NERBAC is situated at the Ground Floor of the People’s Palace.

On the other hand, the City Treasury Office has projected an increase in revenues from local sources of more or less 103 million pesos.

Ø 85.7 million pesos from Tax Revenue

Ø 17.63 million pesos from Non-Tax Revenue

This is 15 percent higher than the earlier projected amount of 89.8 million pesos.

With this increase in our income, we are optimistic that we can implement more development projects for our city next year.

We are also proud to report that during the 1st 100 days, our Mega Market posted a significant increase in revenue collection of more or less P800,000.00.

In order to make our Mega Market at par with the standards of other markets in other urban centers, we conducted a weekly clean up drive and made some face-lifting in order to beautify our market.

In like manner, we also started the upgrading of our City Slaughterhouse. We now have a brand new meat delivery van.

Aside from this, the slaughterhouse is currently undergoing renovation. The project, costing P100,000, aims to improve the hygiene and sanitation of butchered food animals.

The City Slaughterhouse also posted an increase in its revenues.

Over-all, in the 1st 100 days, we were able to slowly revitalize the financial condition of the City Government.

This improvement in our city’s finances was further boosted with the release of our IRA differential amounting to 20.9 million pesos.

This amount was programmed to finance the various development projects approved by the City Development Council and the Local Finance Committee has issued the necessary certification of availability of funds.

However, until now, some 8.5 million pesos worth of these approved projects are still pending before the Sangguniang Panlungsod because it has not yet enacted the necessary enabling ordinance.

Aside from this, the Office on General Services is also requesting for an augmentation of 6.3 million pesos for the electricity expenses of the City Government.

In line with our policy to intensify the Solid Waste Management Program, the Office on General Services has started the replication of the Material Recovery Facility or MRF project given to us by the ACF International.

This aims to promote waste segregation, reduction and recycling.

This is in view of the impending closure of our dumpsite at Biniruan.

Meanwhile, we are also facing another more serious problem concerning our dumpsite at Biniruan. There had been a number of incidents wherein some unscrupulous persons blocked the entry of our garbage dump trucks, and even to the extent of physically threatening our personnel.

A number of our garbage dump trucks had their tires punctured by nails planted along the road. All these incidents have been reported and recorded with the police.

Meanwhile, as part of our desire to further beautify our city, the Office on General Services dressed up the City Plaza by installing new lighting fixtures and re-wiring its electrical system. They have started the re-landscaping of the City Plaza, including the rehabilitation of the fountain.

In the next few days, they will be completing the putting up of a giant Christmas Tree and construction of a Belen at the Old City Hall and here at the People’s Palace.

Moreover, work is underway for the installation of new traffic signs in order to help ease the flow of traffic and help both the motorists and pedestrians.

Talking about the problem of traffic, all our Traffic Aides undergo regular orientation in order to further improve their efficiency and effectiveness in traffic management.

They were also provided with the necessary equipment needed in the performance of their duties, like whistle and uniforms.

As a result, the Traffic Management Unit posted a collection in fines during the past three months of some 221 thousand pesos.

I would like to stress that our Traffic Aides are not out there for the purpose of increasing our collections from fines. They are out there for the purpose of putting law and order in our streets.

They are not there primarily to apprehend traffic violators. They are out there primarily to instill discipline. But, if there are still stubborn motorists, our Traffic Aides has no other recourse but to enforce the law and impose fine on violators.

We love to see the day when all of our motorists and pedestrians are obeying the traffic rules.

Relative to our desire to clear our streets of obstructions and illegal structures, we created the Task Force on Road Right-of-Way.

Notices of eviction have been served against those people encroaching portions of our roads and waterways. We urge them to comply, otherwise, the City Government will have no choice but to forcibly remove these obstructions and illegal structures.

We also love to see the day that we would be experiencing less floods.

This is the reason the City Engineering Office had been very busy in de-clogging our canals. Aside from that, they were also very busy in the removal of water lilies that has clogged our waterways. Due to lack of equipment, manual removal of these water lilies was resorted.

Along this line, we would like to reiterate our appeal to everybody to please refrain from throwing garbage anywhere so as not to clog our drainage system.

We will not only be helping minimize flooding but also reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases and other illness.

By the way, we would like to thank the Department of Trade and Industry for helping us train some of our mothers on how to turn these water lilies into commercial products. Dozens of mothers attended the 3-day handicraft training. Commercial orders for these products are coming in and we are confident that our trained mothers could meet the quality standards and designs being demanded by the market.

To care for the health of our people, the Office on Health Services, as of the end of September, has immunized some 9,695 persons from the dreaded AH1N1 virus. Immunization activities are still going-on and now on the way for the start of the second dose vaccination for those who have availed of the first vaccine in April 2010.

To further improve the delivery of health services, the Department of Health has approved the city’s 5-year Citywide Investment Plan for Health or CIPH. Last August, a start-up fund of 2 million pesos was approved for release by the DOH.

Last September, the DOH approved the second round of the Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Program Grant amounting to P518,877.77. It will be used for the various health program needs and training of health personnel.

We are also happy to report that we have the lowest incidence of dengue cases in this part of Mindanao. The Office on Health Services reported only 26% increase in dengue cases compared to other cities and municipalities in Region 12 which has more than 50% surge in dengue cases.

By the way, it is our pride that one of our health personnel was given recognition by the Department of Health. Ms. Teresita Socorro May Daluz, a registered nurse for 25 years, was accorded the Manuel Luis Quezon Award last August 18 for her exemplary performance and dedication to public health service, particularly on the field of tuberculosis control and prevention.

In order to make our public health services more accessible to the people, we will soon be establishing three Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Care or BEMONC Centers. These BEMONC Centers will be situated at Barangay Tamontaka Mother, Barangay Poblacion Mother and another at the Office on Health Services.

Furthermore, last month the City Government entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Social Welfare and Development 12 for the provision of shelter assistance to 102 families at Punol Island amounting to 1.2 million pesos.

This December, we will be reviving the Pamaskong Handog Program. This early, the Office on Social Welfare and Development is already conducting a survey and inventory of indigent families in the city who are the target beneficiaries of the Pamaskong Handog Program. We are targeting some 10,000 indigent families.

Meanwhile, to remedy the problem of bad road conditions in some areas of our city, the City Engineering Office regularly do resurfacing work, especially on un-cemented roads.

Due to our limited financial resources, we could not resurface all these roads using the so-called Dimapatoy soil. Thus, we also make use of the silt materials from the ongoing dredging operation of the Rio Grande de Mindanao.

However, we have some good news about these unpaved roads. The Growth with Equity in Mindanao or GEM, an arm of the United States Agency for International Development or USAID, has given preliminary approval to finance the concreting of six city streets.

The City Engineering Office and the City Planning and Development Office are presently finalizing the needed documents for the final approval by GEM-USAID.

In another development, we have completed the review of the city’s Comprehensive Master Development Plan. But sad to say, we noted a number of weak points and deficiencies in the Plan.

We already have submitted our comments to the Sangguniang Panlungsod for consideration.

These are just some of the major accomplishments of my administration during the past 100 days.

This week, the Agriculture Division under of the Office of the City Mayor will begin the distribution of bangus fingerlings, crablets and tilapia fingerlings to small-scale fishermen in the city. This will be followed by the distribution of fertilizers and rice seeds to our rice farmers.

Also included in the food production program of the city is the distribution of vegetable seeds to those interested to get engaged into backyard gardening.

After my report this morning, we will also be formally handing over to 10 Day Care parents their livelihood assistance. This project aims to improve the capability of the parents to enhance their knowledge and skills into income generating activities. Each beneficiary will receive 1,000 pesos. Five of them will be engaging in nipa weaving and the other five will be into curtain making.

Internally, during the 1st 100 days, we initiated a number of activities designed to uplift the morale and over-all well-being of our personnel.

Every Thursday afternoon, we enjoin our personnel to get engage in physical fitness activities. They can either get into jogging inside the premises of the People’s Palace or play team sports. Likewise, they can also be into body building with the use of our gym equipment at the third floor of the People’s Palace.

Every Friday afternoon, we have the Talent Search. They compete in either singing or dancing competition.

I know that that is not enough. That is why I have instructed the City Budget Office to set aside funds for our Annual Family Day and Year-End Thanksgiving Party which is set on December 10.

With the projected increase in our income, I have given instructions into the possibility of the giving of additional year-end incentives to all the employees of the City Government.

I know that we still have a lot of payables. But I believe that the welfare and benefits of our employees should come first.

Hindi naman natin tatakbuhan ang ating mga bayarin. Tinitiyak ko na babayaran natin yan. Subalit, obligasion ko rin na tingnan at pangalagaan ang kapakanan ng ating mga empleyado.

Naniniwala ako na hindi magiging epektibo ang isang empleyado sa pagtupad sa kanyang sinumpaang tungkulin kung siya ay gutom at mahina ang pangangatawan.

Sa harap nito, nais kong ulitin ang aking panawagan sa lahat ng mga empleyado ng City Government na maging matapat sa inyong tungkulin. Ating siguraduhin na ang bawat sentimong ating makokolekta sa mamamayan mula sa kanilang ibinabayad na buwis ay mapupuntang lahat sa bayan sa pamamagitan ng mabuti at matapat na serbisyo.

Bilang pagtatapos, nais kong ulitin ang aking panawagan sa mga taong dumukot kay Ginang Conchita Tan. Pakawalan na ninyo siya.

Ang inyong ginagawa ay hindi lamang labag sa kautusan ng tao, mas higit itong labag sa kautusan ng Diyos.

Walang mabuting idudulot ang inyong ginagawa.

Tinitiyak ko sa inyo na hindi ako magdadalawang-isip na gamitin ang buong lakas ng batas para kayo ay durugin. Sapagkat, bilang alkalde ng lungsod, tungkulin ko na pangalagaan ang lahat ng mga mamamayan nito, maging sino pa man siya.

Tungkulin ko rin na ipatupad ang batas maging sino man ang masasagasaan.

Some people have been urging me to take extra-judicial actions against these kidnappers.

I say, let us not take the law into our hands. We are a democratic society. A society governed by laws.

Sakaling ilagay natin sa ating kamay ang batas……wala na rin tayong pagkakaiba sa mga hayop na ito.

My duty is to uphold the law and not to take the law into my hands. But, in so doing, I will see to it and I will never hesitate to use the full force of the law to put an end to all these criminal elements.

As an initial action, we provided our law enforcement authorities added support in order to increase their crime fighting efficiency and capability.

However, we also need the cooperation of each and everyone to put a stop to all these kidnappings and other lawlessness in the city.

Thus, I call on all the Muslim clergy, the Ulamas, the Muslim professionals, as well as the Muslim youth, to join us in condemning these criminals. The activities of these criminals are un-Islamic and should be strongly condemned.

I also call on the media to be rationale and objective in their reporting. We cannot achieve anything if we would be confrontational and emotional.

The City Government and all other authorities are doing all its best to address the situation. Though our Constitution guarantees the freedom of information, however, there are instances that we have no other recourse but to temporarily withhold information so as not to jeopardize the on-going operations of our law enforcement authorities and endanger the safety of the victim.

Along this line, I call on everybody to join us!

For the fight against all forms of lawlessness in Cotabato City has just begun.

Some are calling for the deployment of the Philippine Marines.

Good…. In fact, I have already made representations with the Philippine Marine Headquarters and with the Office of the President for that matter.

I would say that the Marines are coming!

The time is now to put an end to these criminals.

The time is now for all Cotabateños to stand up and join the fight to restore peace and harmony in our city. To fight for justice and human rights.

Panahon na upang tayo ay magkaisa para labanan ang mga salot na naglalayung sirain at guluhin ang ating lungsod.

Iisa lang ang Cotabato City.

Walang ibang dapat na tumayo upang ipagtanggol at ipaglaban ang kapakanan nito kundi tayong mga Cotabateño rin.

Huwag natin payagang manaig ang kasamaan.

Maraming salamat at magandang umaga sa lahat!


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